Ever been woken up by a random Twitter notification buzzing through your phone/bedside table at 2am?

If you have, then this new test might be of interest – according to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is now working on a new option which would enable users to pause their push notifications for 1 hour, 3 hours or 12 hours at a time.

Twitter push notifications snooze example

As you can see above, those notifications would still be displayed in your Notifications tab, but you wouldn’t be bothered by them for the duration of your chosen snooze period.

The option could help those users who want to avoid potential embarrassment in, say, a job interview or work meeting – but then again, you can always turn push notifications off entirely, or switch off noise and vibration on your phone. 

Twitter also has an existing option to pause all app notifications during your chosen sleeping hours, another way to help you avoid those 2am phone moans. 

But there may be well times where the ability to halt push notifications for just a certain period is relevant.

There’s no official word from Twitter on the test at this stage.  

Source Social Media Today

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