How Paul added $54,000 to his monthly sales

How AI helped to take a struggling  home improvement business to consistent flow of enquiries and sales every month

When Paul first approached us, his business was not getting any enquiries at all.  Unable to gain traction and positive returns from their ads in local newspapers, his business was stalling under a seasonal slow-down, which he did not expect.

We put in place an online business and sales generator system, powered by AI, which helped Paul get his business back on track. Here’s how.


The Problem

The ads Paul had been running were not returning a positive return. The company was mostly getting enquiry from a  business card size ad in the local paper classifieds section.

Traffic through the company website was poor and the site was not optimized to handle enquiry the right way.

There was no online advertising and the company was relying on referrals as the ads were not working. Since the referrals were inconsistent, the cash flow was dropping fast.

Apart from dwindling sales, the other major issue impacting the business was keeping staff busy and happy.

Without predictable cash and workflow Paul was concerned he had to let his team of tradesmen go.

The Solution

After completing a marketing, sales and service strategy session and an audit of the online assets of the business, we were able to plan out a winning advertising campaign.

We also put in place an automated system to generate consistent enquiries, book quotes and manage the leads pipeline in a seamless way.

The AI technology allowed us to pre-program alternative service and sales paths customers normally take before booking a quote, which served a double purpose.

Firstly, they helped customers make more informed and faster decisions, giving them the relevant information in a simplified format, and a logical sequence.

Secondly, they freed up Paul’s time having to physically qualify enquiries and answer many irrelevant questions.

The Result 

The AI powered campaign and system delivered enquiries immediately with Paul booking 5 quotes within the first week of the system going live and getting his first sale shortly after, which resulted in just 3 weeks full investment pay-off.

The other significant result, which most business owners buying leads or advertising without a back-up system miss out on, is the ongoing flow of enquiries into a pipeline.

These are immediately categorised and automatically followed up, giving Paul not just immediate leads but a predictable sales and work-flow, allowing him to even out, not just his immediate cashflow, but also long term sales and workflow and retain his experienced staff and provide consistent service.

What Paul said 

We started to see results from the Sparcus business generator system within 3 days. We were able to get 5 quotes within the first 2 weeks of the system’s launch. From that we’ve had 1 sale and following up two others. The whole system has been very easy to manage.

At this stage, the service has been very good and Sparcus was able to provide an easy lead generation system that we were not able to do ourselves. Any company needing lead generation, regardless of product will benefit most from services of Sparcus and a similar system.

Paul Drexler  – Covering Australia Constructions